Diamond Dust

WaveWriterET & WaveWriterK2

Grind Your diamonds to dust.

Then sprinkle them amongst.

Only the bosses of bosses will ever know what it was.

Disguising a must.

Hide your diamonds, and all of your trust.

Grind your diamonds, with all of your love.

Grind and grind, finer than dust.

Grind up fine, and sprinkle amongst.

Grind Your diamonds.

Grind them to dust.

I'll still find them, no matter the course.

No matter the coarse.

Grinding diamonds are essential of course.

Grind them fine, finer than dust.

Grind and grind, then springle amongst.

Grind them fine, and I will find them with trust.

Find your diamonds.

I'm going to find them and stunt.

I'm the Boss of the bossed, if you know what it was.

Lost Love

88 BPM

Lyrics by WaveWriterK2

Beats by Wyshmaster

Compilated by WaveWriterET

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